Hi All!!!

12 May

Hello Everyone,

Things have been busy and crazy lately, so sorry I have not sent a post in a while. Here are my updates from the last few months:

Yohannes is here in Dallas!!! (Still feels like a dream sometimes having him here, so surreal).
I’m married!!! Yohannes and I have got civilly married last week!!! We are still waiting to have our
bigger ceremony and get married in the Catholic Church until December.
I’m working at FedEx Office, a 5 minute walk from our apartment.
I got hired as an Elementary Art School teacher!!! I will begin teaching in August at Stephen Foster Elementary school!
I will continue to work at FedEx until August, and have let them know about my upcoming change in careers. I really appreciate them helping me when I immediately got back, I truly didn’t know if I’d get hired as a teacher this year or next, and they have been awesome hiring me on for that interim time.
I am still doing the alternative teaching certificate program, so I am super busy with online classes, and in July, night classes to be able to get my certificate, so life has been really busy right now.
I am ecstatic about how lucky I am with my life. I am truly blessed!!!
Yohannes is doing well, adjusting to life in America is not easy though, so feel free to call, text or email him and touch base as I think he needs some more social support.
His # is 214-497-7538 Yohunis@yahoo.com
He’s about to start volunteering at the Perot Museum a few days a week to have something productive and out of the house to while he waits for his greencard/work permit paperwork to come through before he can apply to jobs.
I miss Ethiopia, the pace of life, friends, family and food there, but am grateful for my Peace Corps experience which I wouldn’t trade for anything.
But life in Dallas is pretty great too, daily hot showers, no malaria worries, cheese, wine, and most importantly my friends and family here!!!

My new address is:
8200 Southwestern Blvd.
Apt # 2108
Dallas, Texas 75206

My cell is: 214-497-5713

And finally, as everyone keeps asking me to do, I am finally selling my art!!! Check out my art on Etsy website. LaurasArtShack


Basically I am selling 8×10 and 11×14 prints of my paintings, and small folded, blank note cards of my paintings. 10% of all proceeds will go to Ikkittino Charity in Bonga, Ethiopia to help the after school girls programs of tutoring, homework help and life skills that Yohannes started…..which is how we MET!!!!

We want to be able to keep Ikkittino going while we are here, and are trying to figure out ways to do that.

Ok, gotta do some online teaching certificate coursework, life in America is as busy as I remember!

Check out my Etsy site if you have a minute and spread the word!

Love Ya’ll!!!


Bonga Notecard


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